Hilton Head BMW & Mercedes Service – Keep your sunroof drains clean

We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your sunroof drains clean and free of debris. Modern sunroof do not seal out water completely, especially the extra large panoramic glass. Normal function of a sunroof allows rain water to pass through the seal and flow into water channels and tubes designed to drain the water out of the vehicle.
Normally this water entry is not a problem, but when the drain tubes get clogged, all manner of havoc can break loose. These tubes are designed to take the water that makes it around the seal, and drain it down the front “A Pillars”, the metal channels on either side of the front windshield. Once these tubes clog, they often allow water to leak inside the car, making for a wet headliner, carpet, dash, or giving rise to all sorts of electrical gremlins.
At Import Service of the Lowcountry, when we service your vehicle, we regularly check your sunroof drains and clean them as needed. This is just one more reason that “cheap” oil changes at fast lube places are really expensive over the long term. If you drive a premium car such as a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, or Mini Cooper, water inside of your car can be an extremely costly problem.
Feel free to stop by our shop to visit and see our workmanship or call to schedule an appointment @ 843-645-7717

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