Hilton Head Mini Cooper Repairs

The R50 Mini Cooper is over 10 years old in the U.S. and there are tons of newer Min’s on the road well out of the warranty period. The last 2-3  years we have seen a huge influx of Mini service and repair work in the shop.

A common failure on this car is a leaking thermostat, #10 and # in the picture.

Hilton Head Mini Cooper Thermostat replacement

This week we had this little yellow guy in for repair of the thermostat.

Hilton Head Mini Cooper Specialist

Tell tale signs of a leaking thermostat include smelling coolant, hearing the fan run more often, the Service Engine Light on for low coolant, and of course seeing coolant on the ground. First thing to do if you suspect you have low coolant is to check the level. Thankfully this is easy on many Mini’s, open the hood and you can see the coolant tank, add water or coolant as necessary. Once you know you are not out of coolant, you can bring the car in to the shop.

We love working on Mini Cooper’s and would love to take care of yours!!

Import Service of the Lowcountry 843-645-7717

Fell free to call or visit the shop or visit our Facebook Page!


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