How I will take better care of my BMW & Mercedes in 2014!

How about making a New Year’s resolution about taking care of your car? Many times, the cars that come into the shop root problem are just a lack of maintenance that then multiplies into a bigger problem. Here are some resolutions focused on taking better care of you BMW or Mercedes.

1.      I will change my wiper blades at least once a year.

2.      I will change my cabin filters at least once a year.

3.      I will keep my windshield washer reservoir full.

4.      I will finally get dustless brake pads!

5.      I will actually read my owner’s manual once in my lifetime.

6.      I will use quality fuel treatment every 3 months.

7.      I will check my tire pressure monthly (at the very least).

8.      I will have my brake fluid changed this year.

9.      I promise to change my oil when it is time.

10.  I will make sure my spare tire is inflated

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