Do you have a Mercedes diesel or a Mercedes Blu Tec? Do you need a good Diesel mechanic?

Do you have a Mercedes diesel or a Mercedes Blu Tec? Do you need a good Diesel mechanic?

There was a great article on Yahoo about Mercedes Diesel Cars and why they are so popular in America. The author listed the top 10 reasons that even today, older Diesel Mercedes are soaring in cult status, popularity, and becoming very sought after. It’s a wide know fact these cars are built like a tank, are very dependable, and honestly can go forever.

To paraphrase S.W Hampson’s list, he highlights the following:

-Timeless Teutonic Style

“Put simply, an old Mercedes, particularly the W123-body 300D, is to the automotive world what the blue blazer is to the fashion world.”

Unrivaled Reliability

“It is not uncommon to find these cars still pulling daily driver duty with well over 300,000 miles and many examples have crossed over 500,000 miles without the need for an engine or transmission rebuild.”

Classic Mercedes Build Quality

“Reliability is one thing but build quality is another, modern cars do not have the attention to detail that went into these classic Mercedes-Benz from the German car company’s ‘golden years’.”


“As long as you don’t defer maintenance and everything has been kept up with relatively well, maintenance costs are not as high as you would guess.”

Distinct Road Feel

“A classic Mercedes-Benz has a distinct road feel that is unrivaled by any other automaker. These cars are built solidly with a taut rigidity that no other car of the time could offer.”

Vegetable Oil Conversions

“While I am not in any way condoning the conversion of classic Mercedes diesels to French fry cars, it is one of the reasons these cars are enjoying resurgence in popularity.”

They Don’t Build ‘Em Like That Anymore

“These cars were from an era when ‘luxury’ was a different concept than it is today. These cars were not flashy and were not bogged down in electronic creature comforts or performance bits. The notion of luxury back then revolved around the idea of solid craftsmanship and reliability.”

Accessible Classic

“The cost of entry is not prohibitive and maintenance costs are minimal since most of the expensive bits will last almost forever. There are few cars over the age of 25 years old that can be driven daily in unrestored form without the need to have a tow truck on standby.”


“Mercedes’ engineers used to build the car to last a lifetime and that shows in the construction of the car’s chassis and the layout of components under the hood.

Statement Car Status

If you seek out one of these cars, you are clearly sending a message; these are statement cars. Professors, hippies, yuppies, old money, eccentrics, artists, gearheads, and hipsters are all drawn to the allure of these cars.

We love working on these diesels! If you are looking for a shop that can help you keep your Diesel Mercedes running forever, then we would love to help you. Several of our customers have converted these cars to Bio-Diesel and we keep them running too.  One of the many themes that run through our shop is the love of “young classics” such as the W123, or the BMW E28, E30, and E34’s.  You’ll never get an “eye roll” when you pull up in a 10-20 year old BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche. I have personally experienced the “eye roll” at a BMW dealer out of town, I pulled up on a road trip and it was immediately clear my old car was not welcome alongside the new ones!

Feel free to bring by your classic, young or old, we love to see it!

We are open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm

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