Using a older BMW or Mercedes as a daily driver

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We have received several emails over the last few weeks about using an older BMW or Mercedes from the 80’s as a daily driver. The short answer is yes, they make great daily drivers! A few of us here drive older BMW’s from the late 80’s on a regular basis and can tell you from firsthand experience that they are a absolute pleasure to drive.

As with any car, starting with a well maintained vehicle is the key to being able to drive “the wheels off”. But, if you can’t start with a prime example, making sure your car is up to date with maintenance and service will go a long way to making your car reliable and enjoyable to drive. A good place to start is the BMW Inspection II

Deciding to drive a 20+ year old on a daily basis shouldn’t be done lightly! A thorough inspection of the vehicle and good assessment of its condition should be made. Then, taking care of the basics will start you off on the right foot. Often the addition of some cup holders and satellite radio makes almost any 80’s BMW feel modern!

Each car from the older Mercedes 190E’s to any E30 or E28 BMW has its own set of issues, but we are well versed at keeping these and many other Euro cars on the road. Feel free to call, email, or stop by and we can discuss at length your car.

Here are some prime examples of “modern classic” daily drivers:

Daily Driver BMW E30 Bluffton South Carolina1985 Mercedes 190E AMG Modern Classic Motors Who can fix my car

Bucks County ViewsBeaufort County BMW service and repair 1985 BMW 735i

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