BMW N62 8 Cylinder Leaking Coolant Pipe

BMW N62 Coolant Pipe Leak on the 7 Series, 6 Series, and 5 series.

One of the common problems that we are seeing on the aging 8 cylinder E60 5 Series, E63 6 series and the E65 7 Series is a coolant leak coming through the weep hole in the timing cover. This problem is sometimes misdiagnosed as a water pump problem. More often than not, the cause of the leak is a simple seal at the end of the coolant transfer pipe that probably cost around $10. But the issue that BMW owners run into is the outrageous price of the job at the dealer.

Traditionally it would take 30-40 hours of labor to get to the seal & pipe, since laterally ½ the engine comes out. This could add up to $8,000 or more in parts and labor! More if you went to the dealer.

Thankfully, we have found an easier solution to save you time and money! We can install a threaded adjustable coolant transfer pipe that expands in place and seals the coolant passage. This saves the extra work of having to remove the front timing covers and cylinder heads. This upgraded pipe can save you thousands of dollars in labor!

If you are in need of BMW or Mercedes work in the Hilton Head Island / Beaufort County area, please call or stop by the shop. We have specialized Mercedes and BMW cars since opening in 2003.

Hilton Head BMW Coolant Pipe Leak Your vehicle should not look like this!! Shown is a 2004 BMW 545i and what it looked like when the intake came out.


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